4 thoughts on “Thoughts & Thanks

  1. God, I just love you so much. You know I am on Team Rich all the way, baby!!! Thank you for sharing your story and being vulnerable. It’s such a gift to all of us. And you know I know what it’s like to be told you are terminal. Metastatic Breast Cancer has an average of 3 years. I almost to 2 years and like you, plan on living a long time!! Positive attitude is so important like you say, and believing you can move forward. Everything you said in this vlog resonated so deeply with me. You continue to be a bright light for me, and so many others. I love you, Rich. Let’s hang out soon. We will find a cure. For ALS and MBC. We will fight for it. You ARE fighting for it. Keep it up. I am in awe of you.

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    1. I love you too Heather! I had a feeling you would relate to a lot of what I was talking about. You have inspired me so much too! And you were one of the people that actually helped me to find my voice and start communicating to others like this. Now there’s no stopping me. ha ha! We definitely have to get together soon for some music and hang! Can’t wait to see you again soon and yes we’re both warriors till the end!

      Always here for you…

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  2. That previous comment was in response to your May 1 post on ALS Awareness month. In regards to Thoughts and Thanks, I just want to say keep that beautiful smile of yours. We gotta hear some more music together. ❤️

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