Super Sunday!

It’s that time of the year… Super Bowl Sunday is here!

Are you a fan of one of these teams, the commercials or the half-time show? It’s always felt like a holiday to me every year. Give me an ice cold beverage of choice… “and pile on the mash potatoes and an extra chicken wing… I’m having a little bit of everything!”

Personally I’m not a fan of either of these teams but I’m going pull for the Eagles on Sunday. My son is now living in North Philly for college and wants take part in the parades and festivities. Ryan, be chill… you’ll be paying me back for any bail money should it be needed.  

Ryan’s first game joining his dad, the first of many over the years!

My son and I are huge Football fans, spending every single football Sunday since he was a baby either watching or attending NFL games. You see he’s had the misfortunate of being raised a New York Jet fan since birth. It was a curse handed down from my grandfather. I owned season tickets for many many years and I couldn’t wait to take my kid to games, just like my Grandfather used to take me. My grandpas’ seats were in the ice cold upper deck of Shea Stadium where I would see one of my idols, Joe Namath play. I can still remember that amazing hot chocolate from that old thermos.

So today’s blog post is dedicated to all the special times we share with our kids. Memories that will last forever. In honor of the Super Bowl, today’s post goes to my son. These football Sundays have and will always mean so much to me because of our father, son time. My daughter Lindsey and I shared our pastsion for music together, can’t wait to share those memories as well!

oh and don’t feel so bad for Ryan, I also brought him up a Yankee fan… so he knows about winning  championships! 😉

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