Week One of Radicava: Strongest I’ll Ever Be

“Everyday is the strongest I’ll ever be, and also the weakest I’ll ever be again ” – Anthony Carbajal

Thanks to all who have checked out my blog. I’m grateful for the encouragement and feel your support! It was kinda scary putting my words to the keyboard and being vulnerable. It’s been a long strange process, and I tend to watch each card I play, and play it slow.

My first week of this new Radicava treatment is going really well so far. Stamford Hospital and the nurses in the infusion center have been wonderful in making the process easy for me. Lauren has been with me everyday and It feels great to be doing something that can potentially slow down the progression and help me live with ALS. I’m optimistic and excited to try something new! Of course it would be awesome if this new treatment for ALS worked to reverse or cure this disease. But if this can some how slow down the progression for me and for my fellow ALS Warriors… that’s a huge start.

We need to be around when that major breakthrough happens…  And it will happen!

As I was sitting there yesterday receiving my infusion, I remembered the powerful story of Anthony Carbajal, an incredibly inspiring person who has shared his story with the world so brilliantly, so bravely so full of optimism. Anthony’s quote which I shared above, has stayed with me. I think about it most everyday. He’s a brilliant photographer, diagnosed with ALS. Unlike myself, he has the genetic kind of ALS (Familial ALS) so it runs in his family. I started following his instagram two years ago. His photos are such wonderful images of Life. I urge you to check him and his work out on his website. He, along with many others passionately impart their wisdom to many people on the daily. Many of these warriors I will spotlight from time to time in this space.

Please do take the short few minutes to watch this incredible short documentary. It’s so powerful, educational and emotionally moving. You won’t regret it.

Anthony Carbajal Documentary: Strongest I’ll Ever Be

After being handed a heartbreaking diagnosis of ALS, award-winning photographer Anthony Carbajal confronts the disease that robs him of his abilities and his future, in order to create a meaningful life during what time he has left.

Anthony’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/carbajalphoto/Anthony’s Website: http://anthonycarbajal.com/Phil’s Website: http://PhilEbiner.com

Ellen Meets Anthony Carbajal – The Ellen showl
A Big Surprise from Ellen for Anthony Carbajal- The Ellen Show

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